What is WIN?

How do I get a thesis? How do I apply for seminars? Who even are these information systems professors and chairs? These are the questions everyone is asking at some point during their information systems studies, but they are hard to answer. The FSI WInf/IIS changed this by creating “What is WIN?”, an event where all the professors and chairs from WIN are presenting their research opportunities!

This semester, “What is WIN?” will be on Thursday, 24th of June at 5 p.m. via Zoom!

The event will consist of two blocks of chair presentations with a short break in between. It’s the opportunity to get to know all the chairs and their research topics all in one go. As well as to learn all about how to get into your desired seminar or learn how to apply for a thesis.

So whether you are studying WInf, IIS or are just generally curious – please join us online in the zoom lifestream.


Schedule for 24th of June 2021:

17:05 – TIS (Prof. Harth)
17:15 – TIS Research Talk (Mr. Schraudner & Ms. Gui)
17:30 – WI1 (Prof. Möslein & Prof. Roth)
17:40 – DISS (Prof. Matzner)
17:50 – ITM (Prof. Amberg)
18:00 – JWI (Prof. Haag)
18:10 – B2E (Prof. Tiefenbeck)
18:20 – B2E Research Talk (Prof. Tiefenbeck)

Join us on Zoom!

Information about the chairs

Our last "What is Win" events

This semester „What is WIN?“ and the „WInfnacht“ will take place on the same day!

On the 17th of December at 5 p.m., „What is WIN?“ will begin and at 7 p.m., the „WInfnacht“ will start. Come join us on Zoom!


Are you a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to write your thesis or do your seminar? Do you even know all of our WIN chairs? The FSI Winf/IIS has got you covered. Join us Thursday, April 23 at 5 pm to get to know all the chairs of “Institut Wirtschaftsinformatik”.

How? With the first edition of our new event ”What is WIN?“.

On the 8th of April, we had our very first WInf of Change where you were able to meet our new junior professors and the honorary professor. 👨‍🏫

You missed the event? No worries, all slides can be downloaded here:

Chair Overview – Prof. Benedikt Morschheuser

Chair Overview – Prof. Mathias Kraus

Chair Overview – Prof. Patrick Zschech

You can find the new Professors also on our institute overview of the chairs.

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