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FSI WInf/IIS goes Back2School

Zusammen mit Schüler*innen  des Johannes-Scharrer Gymnasiums haben wir uns über die Vorteile eines Studiums der Wirtschaftsinformatik und das Student*innen-Leben an der FAU  ausgetauscht und Wege ins Auslandssemester vorgestellt. Abschließend durften die Schüler*innen eine Challenge in Scratch lösen, dessen Systematik wir zuvor kurz anhand eines Beispiels erklärt hatten. 

Geplant und durchgeführt wurde der Workshop vom Arbeitskreis Back2School.  Ziel des AK: Schüler*innen Einblicke in Projektarbeit und Studium im Kontext der Wirtschaftsinformatik zu gewähren und Begeisterung für das Programmieren zu inspirieren.


FSI WInf/IIS goes Back2School

What makes student life at FAU so attractive? What career pathways can be accessed by studying WInf/IIS ? We’ve discussed these and other questions together with students from Johannes-Scharrer Gymnasium. To give the workshop a more interactive twist, students were shortly introduced to Scratch and challenged to build their first program - from scratch.

This workshop was one of the first in a series carried out by the work group Back2School. The goal for these events are simple: allowing students to get a taste of what it might feel like to study in an information systems program (at FAU) – as well as inspiring students to learn coding.

Company Speed Dating

Students get the opportunity to meet representatives of different companies in short interviews and for example to apply for a working student position.

Upcoming summer term semester

Annual General Meeting

Dear Members of FSI WINF/IIS,

join our Annual General Meeting next Monday on the 31.01.2022 at 6:30 pm.

Help us elect our next representative board of the FSI.

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Guest Lecture about computer vision by Andreas Maier

Dear students,

Prof. Patrick Zschech organizes a guest lecture for the course Development of Deep Vision Systems and FAU students who are interested in Computer Vision. The guest lecture is held by Prof. Andreas Maier, one of FAU's figureheads in computer science. We recommend this interesting lecture. He will talk about current research in the field of computer vision.


Date: 20.12

Time: 8:15 am

Place: online -




What is WIN? Part 2 WS21/22

Chairs of "Institut Wirtschaftsinformatik" present seminar topixs and final theses


When?  02.12.2021  17:00 - 19:00

Where? Only online :(


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Meeting ID: 688 8358 2356
Passcode: 095017


Brown-Bag-Talk am Mittag

Was macht eigentlich ein*e…


Dienstag, 30.11.2021
11:30 –13:00 Uhr, Zoom
Referent: Thomas Rauch,
msg systems AG
Anmeldung über
StudOn bis 28.11.2021



Guest Lecture: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Dear students,

the FSI WInf/IIS organizes a very interesting guest lecture for IIS students this afternoon, 18.11., at 5 pm - online. The guest lecture is held by John Loutzenhiser a Lead Data Scientist at msg and he will talk about Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning.

His description of the talk: How information and knowledge can be automatically extracted from texts using Natural Language Processing. Explanations and examples of how AI-based systems learn the meaning or similarity of words in texts using so-called ‘word vectors’ and how state-of-the-art methods of ‘transfer learning’ with deep neural networks also allow complex understanding of sentences and contexts.

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What is WIN? WiSe 21/22

On the 28th of October - 5.00 pm "What is WIN?" will take place.

"What is WIN?" is the event where all professors and chairs of the Institute of Information Systems introduce themselves and present their research to us, so we know where to write our theses.


17:00 - Welcome (Prof. Matzner)
17:10 - DISS (Prof. Matzner)
17:20 - Gamification (Prof. Morschhäuser)
17:30 - WI2 (Prof. Matzner)
17:40 - DISS Research Talk
17:55 - JWI (Prof. Haag)
18:05 - WI1 (Prof. Tiefenbeck)
18:15 - IIS (Prof. Zschech)

Feel free to join us at WISO LG 3.152/3


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Erstsemester Bachelor WInf - Bartour

Am 13.10.2021 planen wir eine Bartour, bei der ihr die Möglichkeit habt eure Mitstudierenden und uns in lockerer Atmosphäre kennenzulernen.

Wir haben auch bereits eine Whatsapp-Gruppe zur Vernetzung erstellt. Den Link und weitere wichtige Informationen bezüglich eurer Erstsemestereinführung findet ihr hier:

Wir freuen uns auf die zahlreiche Teilnahme und schaut euch unbedingt die Informationen unter den obigen Link an. Da findet ihr auch einen Link zur Anmeldung an der Bartour!