Fachschaftsinitiative Wirtschaftsinformatik / International Information Systems


We collaborate with other universities, organize events for the students and guide you through everything at the university.


We represent all IIS, WInf and WiWi with WInf specialization in the Q-Cycles, Program Committees and to the university in general.

Our Events


Come to our FSI room @ WiSo LG 2.227 (shared with STS)


Every two weeks we organize a regular table in Nuremberg. Everybody is welcome here to discuss their studies, problems, challenges, ideas and learn from other students at WIN. Our next regular table will take place next Thursday 02.11.2021 at 8.30 p.m on Wöhrder Wiese


Every 2-3 weeks on Mondays at 18:30, we have our FSI-meeting, where we discuss all our efforts, present the results of our AKs and discuss new initiatives.

Our next public meeting: 22.11.2021

Important notice: Our next meeting will be our ordinary general meeting, so make sure to join!

Join via Zoom: https://fau.zoom.us/j/66005504688?pwd=a1p5dld2VUc1RkJlUHI0V1AyNjBYQT09

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